Outdoor Guided Climbing 9/30/2023

We have rescheduled last month’s Guided Outdoor Top Rope trip to The Playground for Saturday, September 30th at 7am.

We will be hiking about 20 minutes to the crag and climbing with an experienced guide who has volunteered his time for us. This event is completely free and open to everyone, regardless of skill level! However, all of our loaner gear is spoken for and will already need to be shared around as it is so we will only be accepting new sign-ups from those who can provide their own shoes, helmet, and harness, or who can make prior arrangements to share with someone else who is coming.

If you were previously registered for the August Outdoor Guided Top Rope, you do not need to register again!

At this time, there is no more loaner equipment and we have not been able to locate any rental options for outdoor climbing.
A spreadsheet with rideshare information will be sent out.

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